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The Day Spa Penrith, Emu Plains, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Treatment Menu

All of our award winning Facial and Body treatments begin with an inhalation and welcome touch to ease the mind, body and spirit. Throughout all of your treatments will encourage deep, slow breathing. This will help to calm the mind and oxygenate & de-stress every cell in your body. At the end of your treatment Healing hands are laid or Tibetan Bells are chimed to ease you back into awakening. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your pamper to complete or update your guest consult and relax with a herbal tea and refreshments if you wish. 

Facial Treatments

Our Facials are customised and include a personalised consultation with you to target your concerns. We can address sensitive, aging, oily, dry or acne skin conditions, within a treatment. Just like you each facial is unique, so our therapists will customise each facial to your individual needs and concerns using products from the gorgeous Organic Nation, Organic Spa, La Clinica, Lira Signature Range.

Please allow an additional 15 minutes for Consultation & Refreshments


30 minutes | $100

60 minutes |$160

Customised | Restore | Blissful

A perfect escape for those with limited time. This facial is a little bit of bliss! Double cleanse, exfoliation, mask. To finish, serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

Advanced Facials

ETHEREAL SPA FACIAL | 60 minutes | $165

Bespoke | Indulgent | Heavenly  

Aptly named, this facial experience is bespoke, tailored to your concerns whilst being totally relaxing. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask, eye & Lip treatment and extensive massage to face, scalp, neck, décolletage. To finish, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. 

ORAYA SPA FACIAL | 60 minutes | $175

Relax | Replenish | Regenerate

This ultimate facial is a completely tailored treatment to your concerns - for those who love being completely pampered and relaxed. This is a complete bespoke facial with blissful massage of the neck, shoulders, arms & hands using aromatic oils. Facial lymphatic drainage techniques, pressure point, Reiki & energetic work help you to transcend to your place of bliss. Includes a collagen neck & eye treatment, neck, scalp, hand and arm massage. This pamper is for the face & the soul 


Regenerate | Firm | Brighten

A highly active restructuring treatment for skin showing signs of decline in hydration and elasticity. Strengthens, protects, firms, tones and conditions the skin. Leaves the skin looking instantly clarified & brightened, rehydrated & plump. This facial is combined with age defying connective tissue facial massage techniques which stimulates continued collagen production. This highly active facial is definitely not your “fluffy” spa facial.


Active | Targeted | Stimulating

A European facial is a classic active, targeted facial using basic clinical facial elements combined with Steam. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated, Steam is used to soften skin and open pores. Skin is prepped, Extractions are performed if required to unclog pores, skin toned, followed by a stimulating facial massage using a Vitamin rich infusion to increase circulation to the face. A mask designed for the specific skin type is applied and a serum, eye cream moisturiser is used afterward.

CRYSTAL Gau Sha FUSION FACIAL 60 minutes | $195

Exotic | Restoring | Regenerative

This beautiful facial is based on the ancient beauty secrets of the orient, using the properties of Jade & Rose quartz crystals to heal, balance & regulate. Utilizing precious Jade rollers & Gau Sha combined with a concentration of the highly anti-oxidant regenerative vitamin C & E this treatment will restore youthful radiance and aid in reducing the visible signs of ageing. This ritual uses a serrated Jade roller & age old techniques to work the lymphatic system & meridians. The result detoxifies the skin and boosts collagen production as the stimulating techniques create non-invasive micro circulation & micro trauma similar to needling without breaking the skin barrier. Cool smooth Jade then tones the skin and refines the pores.

Clinical Cosmeceutical Treatments | Skin Clinic Penrith 

The Day Spa uses Precise Peels from Lira Clinical to deliver Precise Results.

Our professional treatments guide you to your ultimate skin care goals.

We believe in a PEEL with HEAL approach to optimize results with less down time. Discover a youthful skin transformation with all the amazing treatments offered by Lira Clinical at The Day Spa.

Experience an array of professional solutions infused with botanicals, minerals, and plant stem cells for effective and beautiful results. 

CRYO MASQUE treatment combined with Glow Heal & Reveal Peel  | Brilliantly Bare | $179

Tighten, Firm and Hydrate with our brightening and anti aging treatment. Featuring the luxury Mystiq Cryo face masque combined with a glow peel, achieve youthful, radiant skin with the combined illumination of Mask-tech and peptide technology giving skin a renewed, healthy glow.

Glow Heal & Reveal  | $149

This exclusive brightening Mastiha and Vitamin C treatment instantly lightens, tightens, and hydrates for glowing skin. This beautifully brightening formula is perfect for first time clients or clients who want instant no-down time results. This treatment is an exclusive Lira Clinical procedure and suitable for all seasons.

Pumpkin Plus with PSC | $149

Renew and refresh dull skin with this universal treatment. Uniquely formulated with Probiotic, peptides & pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight free radical invasion, ideal for any skin type. Addresses acne, un-even skin tone, and aging skin, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

More advanced Cosmeceutical Clinical Facial Treatments targeted to your skin concerns are available with consultation with one of our Skin Experts. Pre-peel skin care plans are required for Advanced Corrective Peels. Peels range from $149 to $329. 

Lactic Clear with PSC | $149*

Correct pigment and sun damage by evening skin tone with this brightening and hydrating treatment. Blended with an organic melanin suppressant, hyaluronic acid, green tea and echinacea, this is the peel of choice for pigmented, sun-damaged and dehydrated skin. Infused with antioxidants, skin will look and feel refreshed.

  • Effective on pigmented, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin
  • Excellent for global skin types
  • Natural melanin suppressants
  • Stabilizes hormonally-imbalanced skin
Sal Pulp with PSC | $199*
An exotic blend of tropical fruit, anti-oxidants and peptides treat and reduce acne while brightening skin to minimize the look of acne scars. Powered by salicylic, this tropically-infused pulp gives versatility to your peel. This antioxidant and peptide-loaded peel can also be layered for precise wound control. Retinol infusion makes this treatment perfect for acne-prone, resistive or pigmented skin.

Mineral Retinol with PSC | $149*

Infused with Gold and Silver this Retinol solution heals skin while addressing various skin conditions and inflammation. This peel has limitless versatility, it can be used as a standalone resurfacing solution or a booster in any of Lira’s protocols! 

Mineral Jessner with PSC | $229*

Reveal beautiful skin with this powerful anti-aging treatment. Reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and pigment. Lira’s Jessner solution is infused with green tea, plant stem cell technology, colloidal silver and gold to achieve maximum healing benefits.

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and eases deeper expression lines
  • Lightens skin and improves tone and texture
  • scar revision

Green Power with PSC | $199*

A unique natural herbal exfoliator that stimulates skin to even out tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines and texture. This mechanical exfoliator can be customized to reach your desired skin depth. A unique blend of botanicals are used for an optimum tightening effect on lackluster and sagging skin. 

  • Increases healthy cell turnover for stronger collagen and elastin matrix
  • Botanical melanin suppressants
  • Healing and soothing effect
  • Uses plant stem cell technology

Mineral TCA with PSC | $229*

A powerful resurfacing and anti-aging treatment to revive and effectively repair and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, scars, and advanced pigmentation. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated.

  • Lightens skin and treats scars
  • Improves photo-damaged skin
  • Chemical release peel rejuvenates skin
  • Contains plant stem cell technology


MEN’S DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL | 60 minutes | $160

Cleanse | Clarify | Detoxify

Offers a deep cleanse & exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells whilst the high potency multi detox clay mask detoxifies and promotes cell renewal leaving skin hydrated and fresh.

BEARDED BLOKE FACIAL | 30 minutes | $100

Cleanse | Condition | Chill

This relaxing facial is for all our bearded boys & hipsters, using beautiful products. Customised to skin concerns to cleanse & exfoliate the face, hot towel envelopments & gorgeous beard tonic to rid the beard of bacteria and to condition that fabulous facial hair.




AHA MASK | $40





Targeted at pigmentation and Hydration this active treatment comprises of a Glycolic Scrub, AHA Peel Hyaluronic acid finish with a deeply moisturising Shea butter balm







This ritual facilitates chakra alignment using vibration with singing bowls & reiki which brings the bodies’ seven main chakras into alignment . Take from this what you need.

Massage Therapy

Rebalance and restore with a relaxation, therapeutic, pregnancy, couples or specialty massage at the day spa. Our experienced and highly trained therapists customise every massage to your needs. Our signature style massage is a complete day spa experience designed to ground, nurture and relax the body and the mind. Using customised massage movements with deep breathing and added spa rituals to soothe stress, anxiety and tension. Each massage begins with a personal consultation to identify individual pressure, depth and the focus for the treatment ahead. At the time of booking please advise us if you are pregnant. Please allow an additional 15 minutes for conultation

SIGNATURE RELAXATION | 60 minutes | $160 90 minutes | $225

Our Signature Massage is a total experience incorporating aromatic inhalation, face & sole ritual including decadent hot aroma towelling .

AROMATHERAPY / RELAXATION MASSAGE | 45 minutes | $125 60 minutes | $160

Nurture | Nourish | Calm

This relaxing and nurturing full body massage style works on the superficial layers of the muscles, calming the nervous system and soothing the mind & soul. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE | 60 minutes | $160                                                                                                

Relieve | Treat |Balance

Firm to strong therapeutic massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles to ease tension & tightness.

Specialty Massages


90 minutes | $225

Release | Rebalance | Restore

This indulgent, beautiful, ritualistic, nurturing treatment uses comforting warmed smooth stones with aromatic oils to massage the entire body. Both hand movements and stones are used to create a deep sense of relaxation & treat tired muscles. This treatment can be booked as relaxing or deep tissue.


Detox | Relieve | Boost

Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses superficial gentle massage strokes to move fluid out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system using repetitive light strokes. It stimulates the detoxifying process of the lymphatic system and greatly enhances the immune system function. It is extremely effective in treating the accumulation of fluid in soft tissues (Lymph oedema), which is often a result of surgery or cancer treatment. It brings about a profound relaxation, reduces muscle tension, detoxes the body and can assist with weight loss. It is a lovely massage used also to manage pain and is deeply comforting.

MAGNESIUM OIL MASSAGE | Add on to any massage | $25

Only $25 to upgrade any massage to a Magnesium massage enjoy the benefits of trans-dermal Magnesium Oil.

Touted to be the most luxurious therapeutic treatments you could receive. Magnesium is essential for your health needs in over 300 metabolic processes and offers fast relief for recovery, muscle aches, pains, tension and stress, all of which are our main focus for this massage leaving the magnesium oil on the body for an extended period post massage to gain most benefit.

Massage Rituals

RECOVERY TREATMENT | 60 minutes | $175     

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine techniques this is a highly-targeted body treatment designed & incorporating a therapeutic compound scrub and warm Bodhi stones to treat muscle pain and tension. Experience the stimulating effects of camphor, menthol, cinnamon, peppermint and clove with our custom blended Huo scrub and balm on your back.

This is a deep tissue massage therapy with stimulating effects to untie muscle knots & relieve muscle tension. The anti-inflammatory property of the balm works well in relieving pain and inflammation in swollen muscles and joints. Leaving the body tension free & balanced. Allow 75 minutes including consultation

SHAKTI MASSAGE RITUAL | 60 minutes | $175  

This is a and authentic spa experience. This relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual works on the energy of the meridians using the benefits of essential oils. This nurturing treatment uses massage & breathe work to ease physical tension and emotional anxiety. This ritual incorporates a chakra alignment which brings the bodies’ seven main chakras into alignment through fluid combinations of massage. This experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony.

Allow 75 minutes including consultation

INDAH MASSAGE RITUAL | 60 minutes | $185        

Exclusive to the day spa, this massage is Inspired by oriental massages from South East Asia, India & Tibet. This massage uses our handcrafted warm Poultices of organic pink Himalayan mineral salts, organic lemongrass & green tea. This Sensory experience soothes your body & soul whilst the infusion helps magnesium to transdermally penetrate the skin leaving you leaving your muscles relaxed, soul soothed and having the therapeutic benefits of a magnesium boost to the body.

Allow 75 minutes including consultation



Relax | Relieve | Nurture

Tailored to suit all stages of pregnancy, a nurturing massage to benefit both mother and baby. Our highly qualified & certified pregnancy massage therapists can assist to help ease the discomforts that arise during this wonderful time as the miraculous changes happen–massage can help to soothe from backaches to stiff necks to sore legs. This is a beautiful massage performed with mummy side lying, draped, supported & snuggled in a bed of strategically placed pillows. We use a special organic pregnancy massage oil formulated to relax mummy and to assist with stretch marks. Mummy’s to be deserve a pamper in beautiful surroundings during this wondrous time, with the additional benefits of relief of discomfort & nurturing.

Allow 75 minutes including consultation

A question we often get asked is do we have the massage bed with the hole for the tummy in it or specialised massage? As every pregnancy is unique and special so are expectant mummy’s tummy’s. Current research supports use of a standard massage table with Mummy to be side lying rather than those with a cut out to accommodate the pregnant belly or specialised bed overlays with cut outs. “Cut-outs” can allow the abdomen to dangle unsupported and can cause stretching of the uterine ligaments& undue pressure and stress on the lower back …therefore baby. These beds or overlays are not recommended for use by pregnancy massage Australia. As certified Pregnancy massage therapists we massage from conception through to postnatal..

Pregnancy Pamper Packages

PREGNANCY JAYA PAMPER | $225 (save $35)

For our expectant mummy’s : we want them to be transported to a place of relaxation and serenity in gorgeous surroundings whilst being pampered during a customised 60 minute Full Body pregnancy massage using organic oils especially blended for pregnancy, then a heavenly bliss facial. The experience is complete with a welcoming to partake in light refreshments with a beverage.

Allow 105 minutes including consultation

CHERISH PAMPER for Mums to be | $325

Especially for our mums to be, and their bubs on board during a very special time. Enjoy a full body pregnancy massage with organic oils, followed by a customised bliss facial & a foot ritual. Allow 135 minutes including consultation

Body Treatments

DRY BODY BRUSHING (add on to treatment) | 20 minutes | $50

Full body dry brush exfoliation and organic coconut moisturise. Body brushing to exfoliate and stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system to effectively move toxins out of your body, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated. Dry body brushing, combined with massage, will help if you’re detoxing.

EXOTIC SUGAR SCRUB | 45 minutes | $150

This pure Fiji ritual deeply exfoliates the skin with a lush, exotic & fragrant pure Fiji infused botanical sugar scrub enriched with guava full of antioxidants to improve skin elasticity, collagen and texture, leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated and glowing.

HARMONY BODY SCRUB AND WRAP | 90 minutes | $250

Refresh | Reveal | Revive

Delight your senses with this full body scrub customised to your needs, hot towelling, body mask, wrap and moisturising Aromatic warm oil body massage.


Calm | Heal | Restore

Relax and allow your body to unwind to a state of deep healing relaxation. This decadent, beautifully fragrant but highly therapeutic combination of ingredients are blended to help deeply moisturise and relax. Marshmallow is known for its healing & anti-inflammatory properties, passionflower for calming of the nervous system & helping you to relax whilst white tea is full of anti-oxidants. Pure bliss starting with a delicious full body scrub, hot towel ritual, then enjoy a mask wrap, a lush hydration and a Bliss customised facial completes this beautiful experience.


ELEMENTS RITUAL | 60 minutes | $175

This gorgeous ritual for the sole is focused on massage to increase circulation & balance the body’s meridians, relieving tired sore feet. Start with a mineral foot soak & organic scrub, moisture mask then recline back and relax on the bed with a collagen eye treatment & allow a deeply nourishing hand treatment to penetrate whilst your therapist completes a heavenly foot massage & pedicure. To natural or a clear nail polish to finish. Less massage is involved if you choose a clear polish finish. Pure Bliss!

Allow 75 minutes including consultation

Pamper Packages

EUPHORIA | $125 

Customised Bliss facial with a Collagen Eye treatment | Relaxing 15 minute Back, Neck & shoulder Massage . Allow 60 minutes including consultation

BESPOKE | $160 Limited Offer (Save $55)

Herbal tea | Customised Back Neck & Shoulders Massage | Bliss Facial | Collagen Eye treatment | Refreshments

Be transported to a place of relaxation and serenity in gorgeous surroundings whilst being pampered during a Divine customised Back, neck & shoulder massage, then indulge in a divine Bliss facial with a collagen Eye Treatment. The experience is complete with a welcoming to partake in light refreshments with a beverage.

Allow 75 minutes including consultation

JAYA | $225  (Save $65)

Herbal Tea | 60 minute Full body Customised Signature Massage | Bliss Facial | Collagen eye treatment | Refreshments

Transcend to place of relaxation and serenity in gorgeous surroundings whilst being pampered during a customised Full Body Signature massage, then indulge in a divine Bbliss facial with a collagen Mask and Collagen Neck Treatment. The experience is complete with a welcoming to partake in light refreshments with a beverage.

Allow 105 minutes including consultation

ESCAPE | $325 (save $80)

60 minute Signature Massage | Ethereal Facial | Eye Treat | Spa Gift | Refreshments | Allow 135mins including Consult

QI RITUAL | $250

Pronounced “Chi” this ritual will take your mind, body & soul on a journey to inner serenity. Starting with personalised consult whilst enjoying refreshments , You start your spa journey with a foot bath & organic foot scrub, relax with a divine customised full body massage. During your massage your therapist will encourage breath work & perform energy work drawing from Reiki and intuitive energy incorporating singing bowls to balance the chakras completing your journey with a smudging ceremony – this journey will soothe your body mind and soul. Allow 105 minutes including consultation

Couples Pamper Packages

 Any of our pampers can be enjoyed as a couples pamper but our most popular pampers for couples are our Signature Massage & Couples Aroma Massage.


60 minutes | $320 per couple 90 minutes | $450 per couple

Please Allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation                 

Our Signature Massage is a total experience incorporating aromatic inhalation, face & sole ritual including decadent hot aroma towelling .

Take a Deep Breathe to Relax with an aromatherapy inhalation then enjoy a customised full body massage together. 


Herbal tea | Customised Back Neck & Shoulders Massage | Bliss Facial | Collagen Eye treatment | Refreshments Allow 75 minutes including Consultation & Refreshments